A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tower Quest is a retro-themed puzzle game inspired by the NES classic Adventures of Lolo.

Your goal is to collect all diamonds in every level while moving things and avoiding enemies.


This game is not finished ... and it will (probably) never be.

It was made during 2012 - 2013, but, due to lack of time and other circumstances, its development never reached a state when I would consider it a final product.

Recently, I rediscovered it sitting on my hard drive, and decided to publish it in its current state with some minor bugfixes.

Do not expect a polished experience. There are placeholder assets everywhere, including annoying procedurally pre-generated music. The difficulty of levels is unbalanced sometimes ridiculously high. However, I think some people might still find it an interesting experience.

If anybody is interested, the source code is available on github.

Also, this game was made with LÖVE ♥.


  • Only 40 levels.
  • Placeholder assets everywhere.
  • Annoying procedurally pre-generated music (can be turned off).
  • Cheat codes (for free, not behind microtransactions).
  • Gamepad support (Xbox One controller and some others).
  • Level editor.

Cheat codes

  • Type unlockalllevels in level selection screen to unlock all levels.
  • Type winthislevel to complete current level.



  • Cursor keys - Movement
  • Enter/Space bar - Action
  • Escape - Back
  • R - Restart level
  • S - Quick save
  • L - Quick load


  • D-pad - Movement
  • A - Action
  • B - Back
  • X - Quick save
  • Y - Quick load


How do I start the game? There is no executable file.

If you have downloaded the universal release (the one that does not include executable), you will have to install LÖVE framework (0.11) to run the game. After that, open the .love file directly or from command line using love tower-quest.love.

The game speed is too slow.

Enable Turbo mode in game settings.

Where can I report bugs?

Here, but I am not promising anything.


Tower Quest is licensed under the MIT license.


tower-quest-0.11.1-win64.zip 5 MB
tower-quest-0.11.1-macosx.zip 13 MB
tower-quest-0.11.1.zip 2 MB

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